When is the Right Time to Try Couple’s Counseling?

For better or for worse…

Those words seem easy to say, but when worse begins to feel unbearable, many couples choose to split. Seeking help at the first signs of trouble can help prevent a break-up, separation, or divorce.

The Stigma of Counseling

It can be challenging to decide to go to couples counseling because It means facing your problems and admitting you and your partner are on shaky ground. And that can be scary. It’s similar to thinking something may be wrong with your health, but avoid seeing a doctor for fear of what you might learn, and so you ignore the issue until it perhaps becomes even more severe.

Beyond having to admit you and your partner have problems, there’s also the uncomfortableness of not being familiar with therapy. It can feel a bit mysterious and frightening to sit down with a stranger and share deeply personal information about you and your relationship.

For these reasons, far too many couples let their marriage issues fester, worsening over time and causing damage that is more difficult to repair. The better option is to seek help once you notice that it is becoming difficult to resolve your challenges lovingly and respectfully.

Here are some examples of the most common relationship issues that typically will benefit, if not require, couples counseling.

Broken Trust

There is usually a need for couples counseling whenever there is a significant breach of trust, such as an extramarital affair. A therapist can help you heal the pain and rebuild the foundation of trust.

More Frequent Arguments

While it is normal to argue, when you find that you are arguing about the same things repeatedly or are having difficulty resolving issues and working out compromises, it is time to seek help. An increase in the amount of fighting or the intensity of fighting is often a sign of significant problems under the surface.

You’ve Experienced a Devastating Event

We will all experience challenging life events from which it can be difficult to rebound and regroup. Whether it’s a financial loss, a health scare, or the loss of a loved one, the trauma can change the way you and your partner relate to one another.

These are some of the reasons you and your partner might consider exploring couples counseling. However, it is often more effective to seek help rather than try and go it alone.

If you are curious to learn how couples counseling might help your relationship, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss how I may be able to help.

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