Preparing for Parenthood

Preparing for Parenthood

Are you thinking about starting a family?

Maybe you are already expecting your first child or adding to your family!

A growing family is exciting, and also a big adjustment. How will you make sure to create time for your partner as you adjust to and juggle parenthood, work outside of the home, and your other responsibilities?

Too often planning for parenthood ends with a conversation about when to start a family and how many children to have. Perhaps you have a birth plan in place. But have you had the important conversations about how you will raise your children? Have you discussed how your roles will change, how you will share responsibilities, who will wake up early in the morning? How about the all important decisions about your values — extended family, education, discipline, religion, morals and ethics, how you will teach your child/ren about money, etc,?

The joy of welcoming a child and growing your family also brings new stressors and major adjustments. Mia will help you identify the important questions to explore and conversations to have. She will assist you in learning the communication skills that will help you have positive and productive conversations that allow you both to be heard and make compromise possible.

Mia will share the wisdom gained by helping couples like you as they adjust to parenthood, as well as her own experience as a parent. She has been there – had the sleepless nights, the worries about how your child is doing, and wondering if you are being the best parent you can be.

Parenthood is a wondrous and enriching experience and it is easy to turn all your focus to your child/ren and forget to continue to nurture your relationship with your partner. Mia will guide you to make sure you continue to take care of yourselves and one another. After all, you are the foundation of your growing family.

Contact Mia today to learn how she can guide you in proactively planning for parenthood.

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