Expat Adjustment

Expat Adjustment

Have you recently moved to a new country?

Are you adjusting to a new culture, a new language, and trying to make new friends?

Are you feeling torn between two worlds, maybe even guilty for leaving loved ones behind?

Are you a study abroad student trying to make new friends while adjusting to a new school?

Perhaps you are also navigating a new job, or you have come with your partner and must look for work or schools for your children as you navigate the bureaucracy that often comes with settling into a new city or country.

While you may be excited about the new and enriching experiences you will have, moving is one of the most stressful life events. It is not uncommon to feel homesick or what Mia — an expat herself — calls, “people sick.” Being far from family and friends can feel isolating. Making new friends and finding “your people” takes time and effort.

Whether you have made a move alone, with a partner, or your family, there will be many adjustments to make. Mia has firsthand experience and can share practical advice to make the transition easier. She will guide you in navigating the highs and lows as you forge new connections and deal with the stressors of settling in.

If you are a student studying abroad, making new friends, learning to live with roommates from different cultures, and adjusting to a new school can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. It is common to wonder what you are missing back at your college campus and to miss your family. It can be a relief to speak to an English-speaking therapist who understands the issues you may be facing.

Regardless of why you have made your move, it can be a time of great personal discovery and also feel lonely and confusing. Mia will help you cope with the challenges as well as encourage you to remain curious and open to the exciting possibilities and opportunities living in a new place can bring. And you may very well walk away with increased confidence — identifying and building on strengths you did not know you had!

So if you think you would benefit from guidance as you adjust to life in a new country, contact Mia today.