Mia is available for speaking engagements and on-site training. Her down-to-earth and accessible style makes her an engaging speaker on a variety of topics. She has spoken internationally, been interviewed on radio and TV, and trained fellow professionals in the U.S.

During her time at Greenwich Domestic Abuse Services, Mia provided training programs to professionals, clergy, parent groups, and mental health facilities. Throughout the school year, she worked with middle school and high school students running a program aimed at preventing teen dating violence and teaching healthy relationship skills.

While working at Liberation Programs, a substance abuse facility, Mia ran groups for teens and adults and spoke to parent groups about substance abuse and addiction prevention.

In Barcelona, Mia has spoken at the Women’s March about engaging men in ending gender-based violence and at the Professional Women’s Network about promoting women in the workplace. Mia also offered a weekly talk on dating and relationships.

Mia is available to speak about:

  • Relationship Issues
  • Preparing and adjusting to parenthood
  • Parenting across the lifespan
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Teen Dating Violence and healthy relationships

Occasionally Mia offers workshops and partners with local businesses to provide learning opportunities. Check back to learn about future events.