Podcast and Radio

Podcast and Radio

Mia hosts a weekly radio show in Barcelona, Movers & Shakers, on 106.9 FM on Wednesdays at 11:00 (CET).  The show focuses on inspiring people doing interesting things — the people moving and shaking things up in the city.

Join Mia on the first Wednesday of every month for Therapists Talking, when Mia invites another therapist to discuss various challenges and offer insights and helpful suggestions.

We invite you to send in your questions as well as topic ideas. You can do so through the contact page here or via Facebook on the Movers and Shakers, 106.9, or Mia Weinberg Therapy pages.

Ways you can listen or watch:

  • Live by tuning in on 106.9 FM in Barcelona or on the radiokanalbarcelona.com web site.
  • Live via Facebook Live on the Radio Kanal Barcelona or English Radio pages.
  • Watch later on Movers and Shakers, 106.9 Facebook page.
  • Listen to the podcast on the iVoox app. Be sure to subscribe.

A sampling:

December 16, 2020: Grief and the Holidays with Lynne MacIntyre

listen here

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December 2, 2020: Holiday Coping and Celebrating during the Pandemic 

Watch at Facebook Live: Holidays and the Pandemic

or listen here

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May 6, 2020: Love in the Time of Corona
​Watch at Facebook Live: Dating Covid-Style or listen here

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May 13, 2020: The Pandemic and Domestic Abuse
Watch at Facebook Live: Pandemic & Domestic Abuse
or listen here

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