Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Are you finding it difficult to handle the challenges in your life? Are you stressed or feeling burnt out?

Are you anxious or feeling depressed? Or perhaps just stuck, and finding it difficult to move forward or make decisions?

Are you uncomfortable talking to others about your struggles and asking for help?

Do you wonder if you would benefit from discussing your difficulties with someone unbiased and nonjudgmental?

Everyone experiences challenges from time to time. Individual therapy can help by providing a safe environment to share your thoughts and feelings and explore solutions with the help of a trained therapist.

With individual therapy, the focus is on you. Mia can help you untangle the confusion you may be experiencing so that you gain clarity and understanding. She can empathically guide you in developing and achieving your goals.

Individual therapy may be right for you if

  • You feel as though you are constantly worrying, replaying things over and over again
  • You are not comfortable sharing your most personal struggles with friends or family
  • You think you would benefit from feeling heard and understood
  • Your relationships, work, sleep are being adversely affected
  • You are interested in making positive changes — growing and evolving
  • You long to feel joy and to wake-up each day with a more positive outlook

Individual therapy can help you to explore your challenges and learn new ways to cope better.  Mia will collaborate with you as you explore your struggles promoting healing and growth. She will guide you in learning skills and building resiliency so that you may face future challenges with confidence.

Please reach out to Mia today for an assessment for individual therapy or to schedule your first appointment.